Evolution. Efficient die casting with a high degree of flexibility

- Process flexibility
- Highest degree of reproducibility
- One-stop solution for cell control
- Energy savings


Evolution is a horizontal cold chamber machine series with locking forces of 2,600 to 9,000 kN. Evolution is the ideal solution for manufacturing cast parts of medium to high complexity. The machine is well-suited to customers who have the highest expectations for their castings and require a great deal of flexibility in their production. Process flexibility 
Shot units in three different versions allow for optimum flexibility with processes and procedures:
  • lean – for low shot weight castings with large surface areas
  • compact – for standard castings
  • extended – for high shot weight castings with small surface areas

Highest degree of reproducibility

  • Variable filling speeds, open design of shot curves, and the Bühler real-time control allow for a highly dynamic and precisely controlled casting process providing the highest degree of reproducibility and consistent quality of parts.

One-stop solution for cell control

  • Easy handling during production and refitting through central operation of the entire system and through the DataView cell control system.

Energy savings

  • Modern variable displacement pump technology provides for excellent control of the die casting machine movements and ensures efficient use of precious energy.