Ecoline S Series

Ecoline S Series - Precision solutions for quality production

- Increased productivity
- Intuitive handling
- Extremely robust
- Central automation solution

Ecoline S series

The Ecoline S is a series of cold-chamber die casting machines with a locking forces range from 3,400 to 8,400 kN. It is particular well-suited for casting aluminum and magnesium. The series is the ideal Bühler alternative for casters which need a basic set of functions and want to rely on proven, dependable, high-performance die casting technology. Increased productivity
Optional assistance systems make it possible to fill the dies with minimal air entrapment. In addition the system determines the best prefilling profile at the touch of a button; eliminating the need for complicated shot curve optimization. Still users can adjust the filling profile as they wish with the optional Bühler Multistep technology. Additionally the state-of-the-art proportional technology meters the high power shot end during the second phase to overcome process variations and attain consistent results. The regenerative hydraulics used during the first phase, performs reliably and reduces energy consumption.

Intuitive handling
The integrated touchscreen operator station connects the user to the casting process through intuitive screens for setup and monitoring of the whole cell. The graphical user interface is customized to reach customer’s requirements and provides helpful functions along the entire production process.

Extremely robust
The Ecoline S series is distinguished by its ruggedness and reliability. Its closing unit builds upon the tried and tested Bühler toggle system, which contributes to the high operating dependability of the casting system.

Central automation solution
The die casting machine, sprayer, metal supply and extractor are centrally operated and monitored. The optimal alignment of process movements reduces cycle time increasing productivity.


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