BuhlRob - Completely integrated extraction robot

- Maximum availability
- User-friendly


BuhlRob is a dynamic robot used for parts extraction, based on ABB technology, that was developed specifically for die casting. Its compact design, broad reach and its capacity to carry big loads characterize this extraction device. Maximum availability
  • The extraction robot is designed for use in a demanding die casting environment: proven ABB technology and the sturdy Foundry-Plus version ensure a high degree of reliability. 
  • Compensating movements based on monitoring of the thickness of the parts prevent collisions during extraction and, therefore, any interruptions of operation.


  • The device is integrated in the Bühler casting cell control system and follows the operating philosophy of the die casting machine. This makes it easy to use during production and refitting and also saves in costs for additional training. 
  • The extraction robot can be operated directly from the machine terminal. All messages, alarms and diagnostic capabilities that are needed for the trouble-free operation of the die casting plant are available to the HMI of the Datanet.

Data and designa

Number of axes
Extraction weight incl. gripper 16 to 205 kg (depending on the size of the device)
Max. range 1,500 to 3,500 mm (depending on the size of the device)
Areas of application Fits machine models Evolution and Carat
and machine sizes from 260 to 4,400 t.


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