Debacterizing system Debac™

Debacterizing system Debac™ efficient and gentle debacterization.

- Highly efficient reduction of germ count
- No effect on the taste
- High throughput capacity
- High product yields
- Energy-saving

Debacterizing system Debac™

In order to satisfy today’s market requirement for germ-free cocoa beans, reliable debacterization is indispensable. The Bühler Debac™ system offers an extremely effective and at the same time gentle process for reducing the germ count. It fulfills all the legal requirements and ensures outstanding in-house quality standards. Its modular design allows easy combination with a large selection of roasting systems. Consistent reduction of germ counts to below the detection limit.
  • The fully automatic batch process enables the germ count to be efficiently reduced to below the detection limit of 100 colony-forming units per gram of product.
  • A state-of-the-art process control system allows complete monitoring, control, and documentation and thus reproducible results for every batch.

Debac™ process without any effect on the taste.
As a result of the barrier function of the shells against the temperature and humidity, the Debac™ process does not have any effect on the taste of the beans. Chemical analyses neither show a rise in the pyrazine content of the product treated – which would indicate undesirable roasting – nor an increase in the water content of the cocoa nibs.

High capacity thanks to flexible system configuration.
A small volume of product per batch and the relatively high pressure of the saturated steam of up to 5 bar allow highly effective debacterization within a very short time. De-pending on the specific product, the debacterizing system Debac™ SLSA thus achieves throughput capacities as high as 4 t/h.

Increased product yields thanks puffing effect.
Expansion of the shell by drying or roasting after the process easily detaches the shells from the nibs: This guarantees higher yields and a perceptible reduction of undesirable fines.

High efficiency through low energy consumption.
The Debac™ process operates with maximum energy efficiency: Because whole cocoa beans are processed, only a minimum surface area has to be treated.


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