Dampener Turbolizer MOZL

Dampener Turbolizer MOZL – intensive, uniform dampening for ideal grain conditioning.

- Intensive, homogenous dampening
- High throughput capacity
- Compact design
- Excellent sanitation

Dampener Turbolizer MOZL

Bühler's dampener Turbolizer MOZL is applied in grain milling for the intensive, homogenous dampening of grain, thus conditioning the grain optimally for the grinding process. The dampener Turbolizer is also used by breweries for the gentle dampening of malt. Bi-rotor whirling system for optimal dampening of grain.
  • With its bi-rotor whirling system, the dampener Turbolizer MOZL guarantees uniform water distribution and excellent penetration of moisture into the grain.
  • Due to the low power consumption during the dampening process, the treatment of the grain is extremely gentle: The result is minimal abrasion and breakage.
  • The dampener Turbolizer MOZL enables moisture addition rates of up to 7% in a single pass.

High throughput capacity in a compact design.

  • The compact design of the dampener Turbolizer MOZL saves space and is thus ex-cellently suited for integration in every milling plant.
  • Additionally, in spite of its compact design, the dampener Turbolizer MOZL excels through its very highthroughput capacity.

Excellent sanitation thanks to self-cleaning function.

  • Swing-open housing panels provide easy access for maintenance tasks.
  • All machine components that come in contact with the product are made of stainless steel; this ensures excellent sanitation and low-maintenance operation.
  • Another hygienic advantage: The dampener Turbolizer MOZL's whirling system is self-draining.


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