Cyclone Separator MGXE/MGXG

Cyclone Separator MGXE/MGXG – for the toughest industrial demands.

- Easy to install
- High separating efficiency and optimal sanitation
- Broad range of applications

Cyclone Separator MGXE/MGXG

The cyclone separators MGXE and MGXG are employed as centrifugal separators in pneumatic mill stock conveying systems under the most rigorous industrial conditions for the separation of dust particles from dustladen conveying gas. Minimal installation costs thanks to fast, easy assembly.
The cyclone separator can be installed quickly and easily. Time required for assembly is reduced to a minimum as is the cost of installation:
  • Each version of the cyclone separator MGXE has the same overall height and is thus excellently suited for integration in existing pneumatic systems.
  • The cyclone separator MGXG features modular dimensions that have been optimized for transport and installation.

High separating efficiency and superior sanitation thanks to optimal design.

  • The geometry of the cyclone separator is streamlined: Minimal resistance, lowest possible depositing and optimal discharge ensure a high degree of separation in combination with outstanding sanitation.
  • Minimal pressure loss thanks to an optimized design guarantees low energy costs.

Optional versions for a wide range of applications.
The cyclone separators MGXE and MGXG are suitable for an enormous range of applications. They are available in different versions which allow them to be optimally adapted to the specifications of various materials to be conveyed:

  • In addition to mild steel versions, the cyclone separator is also available in stainless steel. This allows the unit to meet extremely high standards of hygiene, for example.
  • For use with especially abrasive materials, the cyclone separator MGXG is available in a version featuring chromium steel reinforced inlet collars and jacket in the upper section.