Conditioner DIRO

Conditioner DIRO – efficient oilseed conditioning.

- Uniform conditioning of oilseeds
- Low energy consumption
- Efficient and flexible
- High durability

Conditioner DIRO

As a manufacturer of food processing machinery, Bühler is also a leading supplier of oil-seed processing equipment used in oilseed preparation and handling. The conditioner DIRO is used for oilseed conditioning in the production of edible oil for the food processing industry and animal feed industries. It is applied in the first stage of the soybean hot dehulling process. The conditioner is designed to provide indirect steam heating of soybeans, rapeseed or other free-flowing grains. Uniform conditioning eliminating condensation or sweating.
Bühler's conditioner DIRO is designed to ensure uniform heating of the beans/seeds with no cold spots. The special elliptical tubes provide efficient, even heat transfer to the oilseeds. The system of forced warm air passing through via special inlet sections elimi-nates condensation and oilseed sweating.

Savings on energy and infrastructure.
In the conventional method of soybean dehulling, oilseeds must be heated twice: Once to dry the seeds and a second time to reheat and rehydrate the beans for proper flaking. With the conditioner DIRO, the product only needs to be heated once. This leads to substantial savings on thermal energy and infrastructure costs.

Efficient and flexible.
The required process temperature and humidity can be attained by varying the number of stackable heating sections comprising the conditioner. All heating sections can be easily exchanged. Once the conditioner has been installed, the optimum product capacity and conditioning time can be varied easily by adjusting the discharge rake speed.

Made of extremely durable materials.
Because they are made from 3mm-thick, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the condi-tioner DIRO's elliptical tubes are highly resistant to wear. Tube sheets of stainless steel and housings made of welded carbon steel also help make the conditioner a highly durable machine.


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