Cold Chamber HH (Horizontal-Horizontal)

Cold Chamber HH (Horizontal-Horizontal)

- Manufactured in the USA
- Robust and long life 
- Optimized impact reduction
- Rapid shot acceleration 

Cold Chamber Machines

200-4500 tons, available for the manufacture of aluminum and magnesium castings. BühlerPrince is the leader in the world in the number of die casting machines produced over 3000 tons. Applications for these very large machines include engine blocks, transmission cases, gear boxes, clutch housings, and dashboards.

By incorporating quick die change features such as automatic tie bar pulling, automatic die clamping, and precision die carriers, die casters are able to change dies rapidly, even with dies weighing over 50 tons. Cold chamber machines incorporate our new S2 shotend which has many design and performance advantages.

Process monitoring systems allow for real time monitoring and controlling of all critical process variables. Internet communication systems allow users remote access and trouble shooting to all machine controls. Plant wide information networks are easily implemented due to the open architecture control system used by BühlerPrince.


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