Cocoa powder mill CPM

Cocoa powder mill CPM – the advanced method for disagglomerating cocoa powder.

- Ideal particle size distribution
- Reliable operation
- High wear resistance
- Easy maintenance

Cocoa powder mill CPM

The Bühler Barth cocoa powder mill CPM offers the best conditions for achieving optimal disagglomeration of kibbled cake into cocoa powder. A classifying mill ensures that all the ground particles produced are within the required particle size range. An air stream controls the feed and handling of the product, finally conveying it to a separator where the air and the cocoa powder are separated. Size grading for optimal particle size distribution.
Both the speed of the classifying wheel and the recycled air stream can be separately controlled. The combination of both factors allows the particle size to be accurately maintained. The result: finished cocoa powder with the required particle size distribution.

High operating reliability thanks to nitrogen generator.
The characteristic feature of the air-recycling system of the cocoa powder mill CPM is the protected atmosphere in which it develops its action: A nitrogen generator permanently maintains the oxygen content of the circulating air below 8 percent. This rules out any risk of a fire or even explosion.

Low wear through low grinding speed.
The low speed during the grinding process reduces wear of the grinding media and classifying wheel. The costs incurred for spare parts thus remain at a low level.

Easy access for easy maintenance and cleaning.
The swing-out lid design of the cocoa powder mill CPM allows easy access to the classifying wheel and the grinding media. This ensures fast and easy and thus low-cost cleaning and maintenance.


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