Cocoa bean sterilizing system CBS

Cocoa bean sterilizing system CBS – effective bacteriological control in the batch process.

- Highly flexible
- Optimal product quality
- Easy maintenance

Cocoa bean sterilizing system CBS

Operation of the highly flexible Bühler Barth sterilizing system CBS is based on the batch principle. In order to achieve an ideal sterilization result for a specific product, any required combination of settings in terms of pressure, length of treatment, and product temperature are possible. Cocoa beans of each and every origin can be optimally sterilized with this machine. Individual settings for flexible sterilization processes.
Thanks to its batch operating mode, the cocoa bean sterilizing system CBS can be tailored exactly to the individual properties of the product being treated. All the process parameters such as pressure, time and product temperature can be varied within a very wide range of settings. This maximum flexibility enables cocoa beans of all origins und bacteriological contamination to be sterilized exactly as required for the international cocoa trade.

Optimal quality maintenance through gentle processing of the product.
Controlling the product inlet temperature to the sterilizer and saturated steam pressure minimizes the temperature difference between the product and the saturated steam. As a result, the beans absorb only minimum moisture during the sterilization process – the high cocoa quality is thus optimally maintained.

Perfect sealing action for low maintenance.
The reactor of the sterilizing system CBS is equipped with a mechanical sealing system which can be maintained and adjusted from the outside. It facilitates maintenance and reduces the maintenance costs.


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