Circuit-Valve MAYL

Circuit-Valve MAYL – Filling and aspirating.

- Suitable for pressure and vacuum operation
- Efficient and economic process
- Compact design
- Reliable operation

Circuit-Valve MAYL

Bühler’s circuit-valve MAYL enables an efficient filling of successively arranged weighing bins in a closed circuit. The product is discharged into a bin while the airflow continues. Once the desired filling weight is reached, the product is conveyed to the next weighing bin or back to the original silo. Suitable for pressure and vacuum operation.
  • The sophisticated design allows an application in pressure and vacuum conveying lines.
  • Due to the absence of an active bin aspiration, this solution is highly cost-effective.

Efficient and economic process.

  • The ability to switch the valve during conveying guarantees an accurate scaling. For an increased separation efficiency a partition is optionally available.
  • Pneumatic pivoting drive can be mounted flexibly on either the right or left – An advantge in little installation space.


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