C-line™ Short-Goods Pasta Dryer TTHD/ TTHE

C-line™ Short-Goods Pasta Dryer TTHD/ TTHE – quality drying in a minimum amount of space.

- Gentle drying of the product
- Low energy consumption
- Unmatched product flexibility
- Fulfils strictest hygiene standards
- Easy maintenance

C-line™ Short-Goods Pasta Dryer TTHD/ TTHE

A product-friendly drying process plays a decisive role in creating high-quality pasta. With the C-line™ short goods pasta dryer, absolutely gentle drying of pasta products is ensured: Bühler's proven concept combines an optimal drying process with flexible drying and stabilization times. Thanks to stored and ready to set programs, the pasta dryer adapts ideally to the individual concepts of the customer. State-of-the-art drying technology
The pasta is dried evenly across the entire conveyor width until it reaches the ideal state. This gives the end product perfect stability and cooking characteristics.
  • The conveyor belts made of patented and extremely robust S-type elements ensure non-sticking products through uniform air circulation.^
  • Due to the constant air circulation and individual belt drives, high capacities are guaranteed – even for special shapes. Recipes for countless varieties of short goods pasta can be optimally realized with this system.
    Individually driven belts ensure maximum flexibility to accommodate a variety of short goods pasta shapes and recipes.

Top ventilation and heat insulation for minimal energy consumption

  • The merging of two drying zones in a single body results in a smaller surface area for heat loss through radiation. Additionally, thanks to the curved and unique Bühler panels, the short goods pasta dryer is optimally sealed from the outside which lowers energy consumption.
  • For constant climate control at low energy consumption levels a servo-motor controls the inlet and outlet gates.

Production lines satisfy customer wishes, thanks to a modular design
The belt dryer is available with a various number of belts of different widths. Thus, production lines can be designed strictly according to the customers' wishes for optimal performance.

Guaranteed product purity via automatic dew point monitoring
Automatic dew point monitoring prevents the formation of condensation in the dryer, thereby guaranteeing a high standard of hygiene.

Easy maintenance thanks to robust materials and an optimized design

  • The easy maintenance of Bühler lines increases productivity and guarantees a long service life.
  • Relevant points on the C-line™ short goods dryer are quickly and safely accessible via platform or stairs. This enables convenient cleaning and maintenance of the unit.


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