C-line™ Long-Goods Pasta Dryer TDHE/ TDHF

C-line™ Long-Goods Pasta Dryer TDHE/ TDHF – ideal drying technology for top quality.

- Gentle drying of the product
- Low energy consumption
- Superior hygienic standards
- Robust and user-friendly

C-line™ Long-Goods Pasta Dryer TDHE/ TDHF

An optimal drying process is decisive in ensuring the consistent high quality of pasta. Bühler's C-line™ long-goods pasta dryer applies modern process control and Bühler knowledge in proven and trusted Swiss quality. Thanks to various programs, the dryer offers a high degree of technological flexibility – thereby leaving room for the development of an individual product philosophy. Gentle handling for top quality
  • Thanks to optimal air circulation in the dryer as well as in the moistening zone, uniform drying of the product is ensured across the entire stick width.
  • State-of-the-art technology allows the drying and stabilization phases to be adapted according to individual requirements and needs.
  • The patented moistening zone provides for stress relief, resulting in outstanding product stability.

Economical thanks to ideal energy balance

  • The integration of several drying zones in a single body results in a minimization of the surface area for heat loss through radiation and reduces energy consumption.
  • In order to ensure optimal heat insulation, the C-line™ pasta dryer is equipped with unique Bühler curved panels. This high-quality paneling is characterized by outstanding insulating properties, thereby contributing to lower energy consumption.

High standards of hygiene
Permanent, automatic dew point monitoring prevents the potential formation of condensation which significantly improves the hygiene.

Reliable and user-friendly due to robust design

  • The robust design of the dryer guarantees an absolutely reliable operation.
  • The user-friendly machine design makes accessing all components more convenient, thus simplifying cleaning and maintenance.



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