Blow-through airlock MPSS

Blow-through airlock MPSS – combine functionality, durability and sanitation.

- High operational reliability
- Excellent sanitation
- Dependable and efficient
- Maximum flexibility

Blow-through airlock MPSS

The blow-through airlock MPSS ensures a direct product feed into pneumatic conveying lines. It not only meets the highest sanitation standards, but also features a very sturdy design and a high operational reliability. High operational reliability
The sturdy design and the high-precision manufacture of the airlock increases the operational reliability and reduces the cost of operation. In the ExP version the airlock is designed to be
pressure shock resistant and flameproof.

Excellent sanitation
The airlock is manufactured entirely in stainless steel. Due to the compact design the rotor pockets can be discharged completely. In addition, a purged seal as well as a hygienic rotor with rounded rotor pockets guarantee maximum sanitation.

Dependable and efficient
Every airlock is manufactured with high precision and ensures a reliable operation with minimum air leakage. Due to very little wear the maintenance costs can be reduced while the durability of the airlock can be increased.

Maximum flexibility
Thanks to a modular concept the airlock can be used for a variety of different products. Identical dimensions to existing Bühler airlocks ensure a simple replacement.


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