Belt and Bucket elevator MGEL

Belt and Bucket elevator MGEL – Valuable module for processing industries.

- High sanitation standards
- High operational reliability
- Easy maintenance and long service life

Belt and Bucket elevator MGEL

Owing to their low energy requirement, elevators are ideal for the vertical transport of bulk materials. For procedural reasons, the elevation of products, either in silo plants or in processing plants, is compulsory in almost all cases. For this purpose, buckets, which are fixed to a belt, convey the material from the inlet at the elevator foot to the elevator head, where the buckets are emptied when the belt is redirected. The Belt and Bucket elevator MGEL is designed for conveying up to 200 tons per hour. Floury as well as fine-grained and coarse-grained materials can be elevated up to a height of 60 meters. High sanitation standards
  • The round foot of the belt and bucket elevator MGEL makes it suitable also for applications with high sanitation requirements.

High operational reliability

  • The extensive safety equipment of the belt and bucket elevator MGEL includes a zero-speed detector, an off-track detector as well as a return stop. This ensures optimal monitoring of performance during operation.

Easy maintenance and long service life

  • Belt and bucket elevator MGEL head with split hood for easy maintenance, return stop for the belt and wear-resistant deflector plates for the redirection of the product.

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