Bagging Scale MSDD

Bagging Scale MSDD – high economy thanks to rugged design.

- Accurate weighing
- Good sanitation
- Low maintenance

Bagging Scale MSDD

The bagging scale MSDD is excellently suited to the accurate weighing of granular and powdered products. This Bühler module is an open hopper scale without jacketing and with optimal air recycling. Depending on the specific product weighed, a screw, belt, or slide-gate feeder will be applied. The weight range of this hopper scale is between 10 kg or 20 l and 50 kg or 240 l. Precise, stable and vibration-free for high measuring accuracy
  • The design of the bagging scale MSDD allows a smooth and vibration-free weighing process.
  • The three-point suspension of the weigh hopper ensures a high stability of the weighing cycle.
  • Load cells of high quality minimize measurement inaccuracies.
  • High-accuracy weighing is supported by the universal controller MEAG with intelligent weighing algorithms.
  • Dual scales are controlled by separate systems. This prevents air management disturbances when throughput rates are high.

Pure products thanks to optimized design

  • The optimal geometry of the components in contact with the product prevents compaction of the stream of product.
  • Thanks to its jacketless design, the machine hardly has any dust zones. This enhances product purity.
  • Optimal recycling air control contributes to reduce dust deposits.

High economy thanks to rugged design

  • The absence of lubrication points has a positive impact on maintenance – the time required for maintenance is reduced.
  • The bagging scale MSDD is equipped with easy-to-exchange system components. This allows elements to be exchanged within a short time.
  • Thanks to their outstanding seals, the service life of the bearings is extended.




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