Bagging Carousel MWPM

Bagging Carousel MWPM – bag-packing with high capacities.

- Excellent sanitation
- High operating reliability
- Low maintenance

Bagging Carousel MWPM

Bühler offers its bagging carousel MWPM as a particularly effective and flexible bag-packing solution. It can be applied for packing open-mouth bags made of paper, plastic, jute, or cotton with a filling weight ranging from 10 kg to 50 kg and with a bag-packing capacity of up to 18 bags per minute. The bagging carousel can also be combined with net-weight or differential-weight scales. Best sanitation thanks to optimal design
  • Thanks to the enclosed, compact design with integrated lateral bag shakers, potential dust development outside the easy-to-clean inner area is prevented.
  • The bagging carousel MWPM is equipped with a dust-tight bag spout. Thus, no dirt can escape.
  • Thanks to the optimal geometry of all components in contact with the product, the dust zones are reduced to a minimum.

Direct drive for maximum operating reliability

  • The pneumatic system components on the rotary platform are distinguished by their very high ruggedness. Their dust-resistant characteristics additionally reduce the trouble-proneness of the machine.
  • The frequency-converter-controlled direct drive enables exact positioning, which in turn translates into maximum operating reliability.

Minimized maintenance thanks to low-maintenance components
The system components of the bagging carousel MWPM require little maintenance or none at all. As system elements can be exchanged as needed, the time required for maintenance is low.

Bagging Carousel MWPM

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