Automatic Bag Attacher MWAD with Empty Bag Magazine MWAK

Automatic Bag Attacher MWAD with Empty Bag Magazine MWAK – Constant attachment capacity in the bag packing process.

- Efficient and cost-saving
- Easy installation at low space requirements
- Automatic bag size switch-over
- Designed for easy maintenance

Automatic Bag Attacher MWAD with Empty Bag Magazine MWAK

In combination with the empty bag magazine MWAK, the Bühler automatic bag attacher MWAD is used for the fully automatic attachment of open-mouth bags made of paper, plastic sheet and woven polypropylene suitable for automatic processing. Using suction cups, individual bags are lifted from the empty bag magazine, positioned, spread and slipped over the bag spout. The module is applied in conjunction with Bühler packing carousels and single-spout packers. Reduced costs and higher productivity thanks to a fully automatic process
  • The bag attacher enables automatic attachment of bags during the bag packing process. This eliminates manual labor costs and increases productivity.

Easy installation at low space requirements

  • The automatic bag attacher and empty bag magazine are mounted on castors, thus ensuring a high level of flexibility. The compact castor solution saves space and sets itself apart with a high level of operator comfort.

Automatic switch-over for highest flexibility and ease of use

  • The recipe-based bag size switch-over is carried out automatically at the push of a button. The bag attacher provides maximum flexibility regarding various bag sizes and materials.
  • The realistic process visualizations achieved by the WinPack control system and the operation via touchscreen terminal provide maximum user-friendliness.

Optimized design for easy maintenance

  • The ease of access to the relevant machine parts facilitates maintenance routines and increases machine availability.


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