Atalanta vacuum evaporation coater

Atalanta vacuum evaporation coater –High productivity and brilliant quality in anti-fingerprint coating of three-dimensional parts

- High productivity
- Consistently brilliant end product quality
- High reliability
- Small machine footprint


The Bühler Leybold Optics Atalanta is a very cost-effective and fast batch-type evaporation machine for the vacuum coating of hydrophobic layers onto three-dimensional parts. With a resulting water contact angle of approximately 115° after coating and 105° to 110° after abrasion testing, the deposited anti-fingerprint layers perfectly fulfill and even surpass the requirements of the display and mobile device industry.

The substrates to be coated are loaded onto two easily accessible rotating substrate holders mounted on each of the machine’s two doors. Both of the holders have an effective length of 1500 mm and a usable diameter of 540 mm, which results in a coating area of up to 5 m² per batch.

High productivity thanks to a flexible double-door design
The double-door design of the Atalanta offers clear advantages for high productivity and flexibility in large-scale production. One door’s pylons can be loaded or unloaded, while the pylons on the second door are being processed. This helps to minimize the times between batches while also offering considerable flexibility in respect of your up- and downstream production. For instance this design allows the deposition of a SiOx base coat by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) plus an anti-fingerprint layer by thermal evaporation onto a typical mobile device display in approximately 8 min.

High-performance PECVD station for consistently brilliant end product quality

  • The high-performance PECVD station of the Atalanta with its four MF-powered electrodes, consistently guarantees the exact SiOx base-coat characteristics for a perfect anti-fingerprint layer adhesion and strength, while the high-rate thermal evaporator unit ensures an outstanding and consistent quality of the deposited anti-fingerprint coating itself.
  • Furthermore, well-proven components such as the powerful vacuum pump set offer remarkable pumping capacity in the pre-vacuum as well as in the high-vacuum stage, guaranteeing solid system performance, to maintain very high quality levels.

Robust and smart design for high machine uptimes and reliability

  • In the display manufacturing industry, for example, the Atalanta is used daily in mass production and has demonstrated supreme reliability. Key components such as the evaporation system, the PECVD station and the vacuum pump set are designed for continuous three-shift machine operation.
  • The robust and smart machine design keeps maintenance to a minimum, with all serviceable parts easily accessible and simple to maintain, ensuring a high machine uptime.

Minimum floor space requirements thanks to compact design
The Atalanta is mounted in a compact and easy-to-handle steel frame, a configuration that enables a fast and uncomplicated machine installation or relocation, if required. Once installed, the Atalanta occupies only a minimum of floor space, approx. 30 m² in total.