AeroDry SD+ Sanitary Dryer

AeroDry SD+ Sanitary Dryer – Cleaner, more productive drying

- Significantly reduced downtime for cleaning
- Reduced risk of cross-contamination
- Hygenic design for cleaner operation

AeroDry™ SD+ Sanitary Dryer.

Sanitary drying at its highest level.

The AeroDry’s new SD+ option sets a new standard for the sanitary drying of food products, providing easier, more effective cleaning, reduced downtime and lower risk of cross contamination. Easier, cleaner, and better performing — we’ve redefined sanitary drying, quite literally, from the ground, up. Food safety has become a top priority for food processors around the world. To help these processors meet more stringent requirements, Bühler continues to make "Sanitation by design" a critical component of product development. The SD+ option on the AeroDry line of conveyor dryers is a result of extensive research and development involving input from customers across a wide range of food products.

Improvements in sanitary design come in the form of one-piece slab roofs and floors that are pitched to one side of the machine to eliminate water pooling; a comprehensive water management system that directs water and other cleaning fluids to a drain; a non-tubular open channel frame design that eliminates water and fines entrapment areas; minimized flat horizontal surfaces, crevices and other collection points making cleaning easier and faster; vertical and horizontal support members that have been turned 45° to further decrease cleaning time; access doors that feature a continuous and polished weld on all seams combined with surface mounted hinges and handles, providing an unbroken barrier against water collection and bacteria growth; and a number of other design improvements.

The SD+ option represents a radical redesign of many features of the AeroDry. A true redesign from the ground, up, with food safety as the central focus.

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AeroDry SD+ CIP SD+ offers a number of innovations that improve the hygenic level of the dryer, including rinse-place systems, slab floors, and an open channel frame.


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