MacroMedia™ - Revolutionary pre-dispersing unit.

- Improved process control
- Reduced downtimes, greater process safety
- Increased plant capacity when upsizing
- Better material yield means more profit

MacroMedia™ Pre-dispersing unit

The MacroMedia™ pre-dispersing unit is revolutionizing the wet grinding process. It improves the quality of the final product, speeds up processing and cuts costs. The MacroMedia™ is a profitable solution for companies of any size in a wide range of industries. The MacroMedia™ achieves high throughput rates, homogeneous mix qualities and excellent particle size distribution using the minimum of space – providing the ideal basis for subsequent fine grinding, for example with a Bühler MicroMedia™ or Cenomic™ bead mill.

The combination of a high-performance pump and small-volume grinding unit makes the MacroMedia™ unique on the market. Thanks to improved process control in the pre-grinding stage, fluctuating raw-material qualities can be balanced out and uniform properties achieved for the pre-ground intermediate products. This produces optimum results in fine grinding and consequently increases the quality of the end product.

Video: MacroMedia™ and MicroMedia+™

Efficient wet grinding solution with MacroMedia™ and MicroMedia™.
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