Nut Sorting

Increasing profitability

Bühler provides optical sorting solutions for nut processors who demand the highest standards of safety, hygiene and quality. With a focus on maximising the yield, the SORTEX range is able to sort many varieties of nuts; peanuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans, pistachios, cashews, macadamias, hazelnuts, pine nuts and many others. With over 20,000 SORTEX installations in 140 countries worldwide, commitment to substantial investment in R&D ensures that its advanced optical sorting technology produces excellent results in removing even the most challenging of nut defects and foreign material.

Setting new standards of safety and hygiene

  • The SORTEX range delivers high efficiency in the removal of defective nuts; rotten, decayed, discoloured, insect damaged and mouldy nuts.
  • Excellent results in removing even the most challenging defects such as shell, hull, membrane, stones, mud balls, sticks, glass and other foreign materials.
  • Reduction of aflatoxin levels through the efficient removal of defects known to carry the Fungus Aspergillus Flavus
  • An open design and stainless steel construction is available in the SORTEX E series, allowing hygienic operation and easy cleaning.

Maximising the value and yield

  • Precise colour detection and size grading achieves uniform appearance and added value.
  • A combination of advanced custom-built technologies; broad spectrum lighting, high resolution visible cameras, InGaAs (SWIR) and PROfile technology, ensures the selection of the highest quality of nut products.
  • State of the art ejector technology minimises the false ejection of good nuts.
  • Gentle product handling design minimises damage to good product.
  • Simultaneous resort option allows the recovery of good product from the reject stream.
  • Reverse sorting capability allows extensive recovery of good product from the reject with over 50% contamination level.

Consistent performance and stability

  • Consistent performance and a reliable operation with automatic calibration and wiping, maintaining a clean optical viewing area.
  • For maximum stability, the Climate Control System option maintains a constant temperature in key areas, for operation in extreme ambient temperature ranges.

Multiple, configurable machine options

  • Modular design options make up to five sizes available, to suit processors with capacity requirements ranging from 0.5-14 tonnes/hour.
  • A combination of advanced custom-built technologies allows the sorting of multiple size nuts, at various stages of the process, such as in-shell, natural, blanched, roasted, pieces.
  • The Graphical User Interface (GUI) enables fast product changeovers and covers a wide range of pre-stored product modes.

Increased productivity and lower operational costs

  • Assisted by the Anyware remote connection, SORTEX engineers can respond quickly in support of a machine, maximising uptime.
  • Lower power consumption reduces operational costs.
  • Solid-state optics, low-cost illumination devices and no requirement for inert gas purging.

Customer Service

Unparalleled access to a range of customer focused, flexible optical sorting service packages to suit your needs - available from over 140 countries worldwide.