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Bühler transforms market trends into business opportunities for its customers

Dubai, UAE, 11/06/2017 The Bühler Group showcased its new, innovative solutions, promoting healthy, safe and sustainable solutions to the region at Gulfood Manufacturing 2017. The booth displayed the SORTEX A range of optical sorters -  a pinnacle in sorting solution, PulShine polisher  - the world's first dedicated pulse polisher that is both food-safe and hygienic to operate and held a on the booth conference to announce its MEA regional office, Bühler Dubai opening and the Group's vision in 'Feeling Good about Food'. Read more

Bühler welcomes a new driving force for growth.

31.01.2017 World leading optical sorting specialist The Bühler Group has appointed a new Segment Development Manager for Fruit & Vegetables (F&V), in Europe and CIS. Read more

Global OEM and leading PET recycler STF switches to Bühler solution to improve yield of bottle-to-bottle grade rPET flakes, by more than 30 percent.

London, 10/19/2016 At the K-show today, the Bühler Group revealed how its two-machine solution – the SORTEX E PolyVision™ and SORTEX A ColorVision™ – can deliver bottle-to-bottle grade rPET flakes at the highest yield, currently possible in the market. STF Recycling GmbH, one of the largest recyclers in Europe, praised Bühler for its flexible SORTEX® system becauses it enables them to achieve higher value recyclate and profit margins, by accurately separating valuable rPET from baled material. It can do this regardless of its composition and contamination level, which can vary from as little as 5 percent to as much as 30 percent, from bale to bale, depending on the recycling practises of different countries. Read more

SORTEX® PolarVision™ - New Foreign Material Detection System Addresses Safety Concerns

Ichtegem, Belgium, 06/28/2016 The Bühler Group, leading provider of optical sorters, today announced two significant industry innovations to help frozen fruit and vegetable processors achieve the highest standards yet in food safety and hygiene. SORTEX PolarVision™, the new advanced FM detection technology, will make it easier for processors to meet the most stringent safety specifications demanded of them, and Bühler’s SORTEX F optical sorter, featuring multiple developments for hygienic processing. Read more

Pulses: Food of the future

Uzwil, Switzerland, 03/24/2016 The Bühler Group today hosted a packed reception at the 2016 Global Pulse Convention for dignitaries, delegates and media from all over the world. Leading industry experts outlined how advanced technologies are enabling pulses to be processed sustainably and profitably to maximise value from the crop and create new ways for them to be consumed. They discussed how the industry could work together to bring a greater variety of pulse products to market, to suit different taste preferences in the growing global population. Read more

Bühler unveils all-new SORTEX AnywarePro™ remote monitoring software – access to sorter performance, alerts and full traceability at your fingertips.

London, 03/24/2016 Food processing specialist, Bühler has unveiled a sophisticated, new remote monitoring system that gives customers access to online system data, allowing them to keep track of the performance of their optical sorters via a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. SORTEX AnywarePro™ brings current digital trends to optical sorting and sets a new benchmark in innovation and equipment capabilities. Read more

High definition cameras improve safety and quality for processors of frozen fruits and vegetables

01/29/2016 With double the resolution, Bühler’s newly developed InGaAsHD cameras for the SORTEX E range of optical sorters can detect foreign objects smaller than ever before. Read more

Enhanced touchscreen control enables easier and more intuitive operation of Bühler’s optical sorters

01/29/2016 With ProSortX, Bühler launches a new operating system providing a modern and user-friendly interface for its SORTEX optical sorters Read more

Revolutionary SORTEX E BioVision™ gains significant traction in Europe and USA

01/25/2016 The Bühler Group, a global leader in processing technologies for the nut industry, is helping leading nut producers to reduce contamination and meet exacting customer and export specifications with its new technology. Read more

Bühler launches pioneering CE and ATEX compliant PULSROLL™ purpose-designed for hulling of all major pulse varieties

London, United Kingdom, 10/22/2015 Dedicated pulse hulling machine enables processors to capitalise on pulse-based food innovations. Read more

Bühler collaborates with African processors to optimise coffee production

09/08/2015 The Bühler Group, a global leader in food & material processing and optical sorting solutions, is helping African coffee processors reverse its declining share of the global coffee market and capitalise on the growing global demand for coffee. Read more

High definition BioVision™ technology redefines sorting capabilities for global tree nut processors

London, United Kingdom, 05/21/2015 Bühler’s new SORTEX E BioVision™ sorts at up to double the capacity of other industry solutions, providing accurate removal of hazardous material up to 50 percent smaller. Read more

Renewed strategic focus extends Bühler’s rice processing presence in South East Asia

Bangkok, Thailand, 05/18/2015 Capitalising on the increasing demand for rice in South East Asia, the Bühler Group, a leader in rice processing and optical sorting solutions has reaffirmed its position as the first choice technology partner for rice processing and reprocessing across South East Asia with orders in excess of USD 100 million. The contracts, secured over the past two years, have an emphasis on food safety, hygienic production, energy efficiency and sustainability. Read more

The important role of optical sorting for food safety

London, United Kingdom, 04/24/2015 For processors of frozen fruit and vegetables, ensuring food safety and security are increasingly the most prominent issues affecting their businesses. However, quality control and safety processes can help to provide a consistent product level, by removing colour defects and extraneous vegetable matter, including sticks, stones and stems, as well as more serious or dangerous content, including foreign material such as plastic or glass. Read more

Renewed strategic focus extends Bühler’s rice processing presence in South East Asia

04/08/2015 The Bühler Group, a global leader in rice processing and optical sorting solutions, today revealed its renewed strategic focus across South East Asia with an emphasis on food safety, hygienic production, energy efficiency and sustainability. Read more

New pulse processing technologies meet changing world needs

04/13/2015 Over the next two generations, with the world’s population is expected to grow from 7bn to 9bn, it will not be sufficient to just increase the amount of produced food. Food products will have to become more efficient, more sustainable, and satisfy new food habits. Read more

Ensuring quality key to maintaining consumer confidence

London, United Kingdom, 04/13/2015 An article, by Stephen Jacobs, Global Product Manager for Fruit & Vegetables, Buher Sortex Ltd.

With competition between supermarkets more fierce than ever, product quality has become a key point of differentiation for rivals as they look to secure consumer loyalty. This pressure continues to be felt further down the supply chain where processors and manufacturers must ensure the products they supply are of a consistently high quality and safety assured.

Read more

Redefining balanced and stable optical sorting for regional and local rice millers

03/18/2015 Bühler’s all-new YJT W optical sorter combines advanced processing software with automatic product tracking, tertiary sorting and LED illumination, with capacities of up to 12 tonnes per hour. Read more

Bühler reaffirms commitment to eradicate safety hazards in the nut industry

03/25/2015 Bühler food safety conference reveals the technology helping food processors to manage the risks of Salmonella, aflatoxins and foreign materials. Read more

Bühler strengthens its investment, to address emerging safety hazards facing the nut industry

03/20/2015 Bühler debates the future of food safety in nuts, at the Anuga Food Tech Exhibition, Cologne Read more

Bühler celebrates significant contract with TPS Group in Indonesia with grand signing ceremony

03/04/2015 Read more

Bühler’s optical sorting solutions offer quality assurance in confectionery processing

02/02/2015 Bühler reinforces its commitment to quality in the confectionery industry, with SORTEX optical sorting technology. Read more

Bühler presents its vision for a more sustainable rice processing future at the IRRI International Rice Congress

10/27/2014 Food safety and rice fortification on the agenda demonstrating how Bühler can help increase capacity, efficiency and quality throughout the supply chain. The Bühler Group, the world’s leading provider of rice processing equipment and solutions, will be reinforcing its commitment to encouraging the adoption of sustainable rice processing at the upcoming IRRI International Rice Congress 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand. Read more

Bühler’s all-new SORTEX S UltraVision™ - a giant leap forward in intelligent optical sorting for rice

London, United Kingdom, 02/03/2014 – Bühler leads the way forward, with the introduction of its most sophisticated, highest-capacity optical rice sorter yet. The all-new SORTEX S UltraVision™ allows rice processors to define an exact level of quality for their rice, even with highly-contaminated input. Yield is not compromised, enabling processors to deliver increased value for money to their customers. Read more

Bühler expands rice processing footprint in Thailand with major contract with Siam Indica

06/19/2013 Thailand’s largest rice exporter invests heavily in over 100 Bühler rice processing machines. Read more

Bühler takes the lead in reducing mycotoxins in challenging sort applications

06/18/2013 New SORTEX A MultiVision optical sorter delivers exceptional food quality and safety through advanced defect inspection technology. Read more

Centre of Excellence

01/15/2013 Bühler to officially unveil new customer service centre in London in February 2013. Read more

Getting ready for the London Olympics 2012 - Bühler's Alternative Olympics

07/27/2012 By hosting the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, London has now become the first city to officially host the Modern Olympic Games for the third time. Although the games themselves will only last for a little over two weeks, for the people of London, the Olympics have become a major part of their lives.

To embrace the excitement generated by the 2012 Olympics, Bühler decided to stage its own – Bühler Alternative Olympics.

Read more

Scaling new customer care heights.

02/15/2012 Thankfully, some things never change – and that includes Bühler Sortex’s commitment to exceptional customer service. That commitment can be traced back to 1947, when the fledgling business provided support to those who bought its first optical sorter. Read more

Bühler sets global optical sorting standards

02/16/2012 For over 150 years the Bühler Group has developed ground breaking innovations in food process engineering. From its purpose built London base it designs and manufactures the most advanced optical sorting solutions that are available to the global food industry. Read more

Newly launched SORTEX E1C takes nut sorting to new peaks

10/31/2011 Faced with ever stricter food requirements which mean that almost no foreign material (FM) or colour defects are allowed in sorted products, nut processors around the world have had their margins squeezed to the limit. They must be able to rely on the optical sorters they use. Thankfully - the SORTEX E1C has arrive. Read more

Harnessing 150 Years of food safety expertise

07/07/2011 Recent contamination scares have heightened awareness of the necessity for food safety. Changes in legislation and the business environment bring challenges, but also business opportunities for Bühler as a market leader to offer new services and products for customers. By Christopher Findlay. Read more

Bühler Sortex overview of the Belgian processed vegetable market

07/06/2011 Bühler Sortex, the leading supplier of optical sorting solutions to the food industry, has long recognised the importance of Belgium as the largest European exporter of frozen vegetables. Belgium is in the unique position of having more than 12 of its leading processors located within a 15 mile radius of Staden in West Flanders. Read more

Arbre Farms - Detecting nightshade

07/06/2011 Arbre Farms continues partnership with Bühler Sortex for ensured food quality and safety. Read more

Unveiling of new freezer room

07/06/2011 Bühler Sortex Inc. of Stockton, California unveiled its new demonstration and training lab for the fruit and vegetable sector in March of this year. Read more

Bühler Sortex receive another order for three SORTEX E1A-BRXX FM removal machines for Gelagri-Iberica

07/06/2011 Following trials with a range of sorters from different manufacturers, Gelagri Iberica of Milagro, Spain, have decided to purchase three SORTEX EIA-BRXX machines for their packing lines. These will be working in an area with temperatures as low as -5C. Read more

Sorter upgrade

07/06/2011 Bühler Sortex streamlines its range of vegetable sorters with a redefined upgrade policy. Here are two examples of keeping Bühler Sortex optical sorters up to date, without having to order new ones. Read more

Automated sorting of edamame to China

07/06/2011 Bühler Sortex and Fulong Frozen Foods have joined together to bring automated sorting of edamame to China. Read more

Spotlight on Bühler China

07/06/2011 China is the biggest producer and exporter of frozen fruits and vegetables in the world. With increasing labour costs and tougher competition, leading fruit and vegetable processors in China are looking into the possibilities of machine sorting as an alternative to manual sorting. Read more

Shape Sorting Adds a New Dimension to Performance

07/01/2011 Shape sorting is one of Bühler Sortex's core technologies. It refers to the detection of defects either by shape alone or by some combination of shape and colour. The technology is available on the company's full range of bi-chromatic optical sorters. Read more

Bühler Sortex wins 2011 Queen's Award for Enterprise

07/01/2011 Bühler Sortex’s performance in competitive international markets has been recognised by winning a Queen's Award for Enterprise for the sixth time. The award, in the International Trade category, follows those gained in 1968, 1972, 1987 and 2005. In 2001 Bühler Sortex won the award for innovation. Read more

Bühler's SORTEX E1D gains Congelados El Pedaneo seal of approval

06/22/2011 Small Spanish processor breaks with hand sorting tradition to choose a revolutionary SORTEX model as first optical sorter. Read more

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