Nut and Seed Roasting

High sanitation dry roasters for premium quality products.

Bühler applies the latest technology to address production and sanitation concerns in the nut industry. Dual plenum technology in the AeroRoast provides thorough, consistent roasting for high capacity lines. AeroRoast is used for custom blanching and dry roasting a variety of nuts and seeds including salted, coated or seasoned products.

For smaller capacity lines or plants with limited floorspace, the inline airflow AeroDry is available. A common application is drying harvested tree nuts to a stable moisture content before further processing.

All Bühler nut roasters enable customers to improve their operating performance and product quality.

Customer Value:

  • Superior product quality, color and moisture from uniform heat and air delivery.
  • Improved sanitation with maximum interior access for cleaning, elimination of debris collection points, and fully welded, sanitary internal design.
  • Heavy duty construction extends life of roaster.
  • Modular construction reduces installation time.
Nut roaster top view Peanut roaster with dual plenum airflow ensures uniform roasting of the final product.