Field Assembly Dryer Construction

Field Assembly Dryer Construction – for large dryers in limited spaces.

- On-site dryer construction using local labor.
- Reduced shipping costs.
- Allows installation in challenging spaces.

Field Assembly Dryer Design

The choice for large dryer installations in space-challenged facilities.

The length of an industrial dryer can be as much as 150 meters. This immense size can be costly to ship, and difficult to install in factories with limited access. Bühler has the solution with its Field Assembly dryer design. The Field Assembly construction option allows a dryer of any size to fit into standard shipping containers for cost-effective transport. Once at the destination, individual crates are able to fit through narrow openings of freight elevators and doorways. Delivery and installation of a drying system is easily accomplished even on upper floors of a facility.

Approximately 80% of Bühler dryers are a modular construction system in which individual sections, zones, or complete dryers are assembled at the factory. Whether the modular system can be applied depends on the size of the dryer and the installation conditions at the customer’s site. With the Field Assembly construction option, the dryer is shipped in crates of components and parts such as doors, frames and pedestal sections. The entire system is assembled at the customer’s site, often with local labor and supervision by a Bühler technician.

Field Assembly dryers not only reduce the total volume of a shipment, they also eliminate the need for expensive export crating. The cost-savings continue at the jobsite. Thanks to the smaller dryer parts, the need for specialized cranes or rigging is eliminated. The repeatable nature of the assembly process means that an experienced Bühler technician can direct a local installation crew to assemble even the largest dryer in a matter of weeks. The installers – typically drawn from the customer’s new maintenance crew – learn the dryer inside and out.