Conveyor Dryer Refurbishment and Expansion

Cost-effective solutions to expand your business.

Bühler boasts the world's largest team of engineers devoted to dryer retrofit, refurbishment and expansion. These experts excel in the evaluation and recommendation of drying equipment and assemblies based on individual requirements. Whether a customer uses Aeroglide dryers or other brands such as CPM Wolverine Proctor, National Drying Machinery, FEC or Wenger, Bühler applies manufacturing and process technology to optimize equipment performance and expand the customer's business.

Customer value:

  • Optimized performance
  • Enhanced product quality
  • Higher efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance
In-depth mechanical evaluation to optimize performance.
Bühler engineers carefully examine and analyze the customer's existing drying equipment. The goal of this detailed mechanical audit is to uncover ways in which to optimize performance and increase capacity through replacement parts, refurbishment or expansion.

State-of-the-art process technology for enhanced product quality.
Bühler applies state-of-the-art manufacturing and process technology to improve the quality of the customer's product. Typical improvements with a dryer refurbishment include better moisture uniformity and overall product consistency.

Higher efficiency through minimized energy consumption.
Mechanical evaluations will also identify ways to reduce energy consumption. This can lead to substantial cost savings and improve the overall efficiency of drying operations.

Reduced maintenance saves time and money.
A further aspect of Bühler's Dryer Refurbishment & Expansion Services is to reduce the amount of equipment maintenance required. This can save the customer both time and money.