Dryer Evaluations

New life for existing equipment.

Bühler’s process and mechanical evaluations are designed to enhance the performance of existing drying systems. Evaluations can be carried out for customers using Aeroglide dryers as well as other brands such as CPM Wolverine Proctor, National Drying Machinery, FEC (Food Engineering Corporation) and Wenger. Process evaluations by a Bühler field engineer and mechanical inspections by a parts and refurbishment engineer will uncover any inefficiencies in a drying operation, with an immediate path to recovery.

Customer value:

  • Optimized performance
  • Substantial cost savings
In-depth process and mechanical evaluations to optimize performance.
The average convection conveyor dryer operates at 10% - 30% below its expected efficiency and capacity. In-depth dryer evaluations conducted by Bühler are aimed at correcting these problems and optimizing overall dryer performance. Customers profit from any combination of improved product quality, increased throughput, reduced energy consumption, reduced maintenance costs and downtime, and better moisture uniformity.

Substantial cost savings via better energy efficiency.
Bühler engineers often detect critical energy losses that typical operational measurements do not. Customers have reported as much as 50% energy savings following a dryer evaluation. This in turn leads to substantial cost savings for years to come.

Dryer Evaluation All evaluations begin with a thorough inspection of the dryer with the customer's goals in mind.


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