Dryer Services

Helping the customer achieve their full potential.

Bühler's dryer services allow customers to achieve their full potential. This applies to Aeroglide drying equipment as well as other brands such as CPM Wolverine Proctor, National Drying Machinery, FEC (Food Engineeirng Corporation), Wenger and locally made dryers. In addition to Bühler's worldwide network of sales and support offices, customers also benefit from spare parts availability, dryer refurbishment and expansion services, on-site training, equipment evaluations, and new product development.

Customer value:

  • Optimized performance
  • Substantial cost savings
  • New product offerings
In-depth process and mechanical evaluations to optimize performance.
Thorough evaluations conducted by trained Bühler drying experts are aimed at optimizing overall dryer performance. Customers profit from any combination of improved product quality, increased throughput, reduced energy consumption, reduced maintenance costs and downtime and better moisture uniformity. Bühler's on-site dryer training programs also serve to optimize the performance of existing dryer operations in the convenience of your own facility.

Better efficiency results in substantial cost savings.
Bühler engineers uncover any inefficiencies in the customer's existing drying equipment and provide solutions to improve the operation. Bühler customers have reported as much as 50% energy savings by implementing the suggested changes in their dryer evaluation. Such improvements in efficiency lead to substantial cost savings for the customer year after year.

New product offerings through innovative development and testing services.
Enhancing the customer's unique product offering is what Bühler's development and testing services are all about. Bühler offers confidential design and testing services to customers looking to introduce a new product to the marketplace or improve an existing recipe with a new thermal process.