Nuts & Oilseeds

Optimal value generation with nuts and oilseeds.

Nuts and oilseeds – the wide variety of processing options are reflected in the technology of Bühler Barth. From cleaning through roasting, we offer companies in the nut processing industry the optimal process – step by step. Careful cleaning and grading ensures the best possible selection as early as the raw material, thanks to the technology offered by Bühler Barth. Characteristic features of nuts and oilseeds such as color, shell or hull quality, and taste are optimally retained also in the pasteurizing systems of Bühler Barth.

Bühler Barth know-how, which is based on decades of experience in the treatment of nuts, is reflected in the various roasting processes: Whether a continuous production process is used or a batch mode offering top flexibility – gentle treatment of the nuts and oilseeds is always our top priority. This is essential to enable the product and roasting flavors to be joined in an incomparable taste experience.

For high throughputs, belt-type roasters and dryers of Bühler Aeroglide are available which offer particularly high capacities. Various shelling, chopping, and grinding systems complete our portfolio – for satisfying the high demands in nut and oilseed processing.

Bühler Barth

Bühler Barth GmbH delivers machines, plants and turnkey factories for the confectionery industry, more specifically for the treatment and processing of cocoa, nuts, grain and malt.


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