Process cocoa gently and efficiently.

The optimal processing of cocoa beans requires comprehensive knowledge of processes and especially gentle technologies. With its innovative systems, Bühler ensures highest product quality, maximum yield – and that more than 500 valuable flavor substances can fully unfold in the cocoa.
The cocoa production systems developed by Bühler Barth are founded on state-of-the-art technology. We offer optimized solutions for cocoa processing companies – always taking individual customer requirements into account.

All over the world, customers rely on the efficient processes developed by Bühler Barth in all stages of production: These range from the cleaning and pre-treatment of cocoa beans through to the roasted, ground or pulverized end product.

The name Bühler Barth stands for economical, gentle, energy-efficient and hygienic cocoa production, as well as for qualified consulting and 100% reliable customer service. With Bühler Barth, pure cocoa pleasure is guaranteed.

Bühler Barth

Bühler Barth GmbH delivers machines, plants and turnkey factories for the confectionery industry, more specifically for the treatment and processing of cocoa, nuts, grain and malt.


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