Chocolate Mass

Bühler processing line for chocolate masses.

Bühler is the standard-setter when it comes to the refining of chocolate masses. The process solutions that we offer are not only forward-looking – also their efficiency convinces customers around the globe. For rounding off its product portfolio in the best possible manner, Bühler integrated the Frisse company 1986, a conching technology specialist with a proven track record. Bühler made its first steps in the field of chocolate production in grinding. With its pioneering spirit and the determination to take new approaches, we developed our first chocolate refiner in 1919.

Today, Bühler is the global leader in refining technology: The two-stage refining process made up of a prerefiner and a five-roll refiner constitutes the heart of the DoMiReCo™ process for processing chocolate masses. Second to none, it optimally covers the processing chain from proportioning and mixing to refining and conching.

The fully automatic five-roll refiner allows a very wide variety of product recipes to be produced in the required plasticity and fineness. The refined chocolate and filling and coating masses not only exhibit an extremely narrow particle size distribution, but are at the same time homogenized and flavored during size reduction.

The final refinement can be performed using various Bühler conche types. Optimal values in terms of texture, melting characteristics, flavor, and final moisture can be achieved. The result is a markedly fine and mouth-watering chocolate product.


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