Extrusion technology by Bühler – for top quality cereals.

Cereals – even extremely health-conscious individuals start each day with a nourishing bowl. All over the world, leading cereal producers put their trust in Bühler production systems. That's because Bühler offers ideal solutions for a range of production processes, such as extrusion, batch cooking, flaking and toasting. Health foods are an essential part of any balanced breakfast. The range of cereal varieties includes wheat, oat and corn flakes, multigrain, and filled or spray-coated cereals. Achieving the best product quality requires optimal production processes. Bühler makes this possible with its highly sophisticated systems.

Bühler is among the leading suppliers in the field of extrusion: we provide companies with comprehensive consulting and develop highly efficient production systems tailored to their needs. Our innovative solutions are perfectly suited to our customers – and thus, to the many different kinds of cereals they produce.

Direct-expanded and co-extruded products as well as water- and fat-based fillings can be produced optimally with Bühler technology – for top cereal quality on the breakfast table.


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