Tobacco Drying, Toasting and Cooling

Customized tobacco dryers, toasters, ovens and coolers for efficient processing of tobacco products.

Bühler offers a range of tobacco drying equipment to optimize product quality and operating efficiency. With a long history and large installed base of tobacco dryers, Bühler is a preferred supplier to the largest tobacco processors worldwide. Applications include whole leaf, threshed strip, stems, reconstituted sheet, cased leaf, cigar fillers and scrap. All Bühler AeroDry equipment features high thermal efficiency and superior access for cleaning. Advanced control systems are available to enhance the performance and efficiency of your tobacco drying process.

AeryDry Conveyor Dryers are available in modular or field-assembly configurations. Customers enjoy reduced installation cost and start-up time with the standard modular design. These units are fully assembled and tested at the factory prior to shipping. The field assembly option is ideal for job sites with very limited access, where customers prefer to assemble the dryer completely on site.
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Alternative technologies such as the AeroToast Fluidized Bed Dryer for tobacco expansion offer unique processing alternatives to conventional drying methods. By applying heated air rapidly to each product particle, processing time is greatly reduced. Additional benefits include improved product chemical composition and moisture uniformity.

Tobacco dryer Single-pass conveyor dryer/cooler/ordering machine for uniform, efficient processing of tobacco products.