Fiber, Staple and Tow Drying and Curing

Optimized product quality and operating efficiency.

Bühler is a world leader in drying, heat setting, annealing, curing and cooling a variety of fiber-based products. With a solid knowledge base of fiber processing, the highest standards of product uniformity, and a thorough understanding of our customers’ requirements, Bühler can provide custom drying solutions to meet all demands. Applications include acetate, acrylics, cellulose, nylon, rayon, polyester, polypropylene and pulpwood fiber.

AeroDry Through-Air Conveyor Dryers are the choice for fiber and web applications that require gentle through-flow processing and support throughout the heating process. Products requiring extended dwell time, in-line temperature profiling for heat setting, thermal bonding and cooling are all accommodated. Conveyor bed permeability is sized to optimize drying performance.

Bühler conveyor dryers are available in modular or field assembly configurations. Customers enjoy reduced installation cost and start-up time with the standard modular design. These units are fully assembled and tested at the factory prior to shipping. The field assembly option is ideal for job sites with very limited access, where customers prefer to assemble the dryer completely on site.
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AeroDry Impingement Ovens offer high drying and finishing efficiency for coated and nonpermeable (nanofiber based) webs.

For maximum productivity and quality, Bühler fiber dryers are available with control packages, continuous dust filtration, variable airflow, integral cooling zone and specialty feeders.

Acryllic tow dryer Multiple tow processing line for continuous drying, cooling and conditioning.
Tow fiber after drying Tow fibers after gentle through-air processing on Bühler dryers.