Drying, Curing and Cooling for Chemicals

Flexible design and robust construction for efficient processing of a variety of fine chemicals, powder and bulk materials.

Bühler is a world leader in conveyor drying technology, with a rich history in thermal processing for the chemical industry. Combining the knowledge assets of C.G. Sargent’s Sons, National Drying Machinery, and the original Aeroglide organization gives Bühler the ability to focus over 240 years of technical expertise in the chemical industry. C.G. Sargent’s Sons invented conveyor dryer technology for heavy industry in the latter part of the 19th century. National pioneered drying systems for use in fine chemicals, dyes and synthetics. These dryers helped enable the growth of the organic, inorganic and mineral industries from their infancy and through the establishment of the largest chemical companies in the world.

Today, Bühler drying systems solve unique processing challenges in a wide variety of industries and chemical products. With thousands of installations, our technology partners include all of the major global chemical industry leaders. We partner with major engineering firms to assist customers with new chemical plant construction.

Bühler's AeroDry conveyor dryers and coolers are used for operations as varied as drying, curing, calcining, tempering, heating quenching, polymerization, solvent reduction and other reactions. These thermal processes apply to products such as fine chemicals, minerals, food additives, catalyst, pigment and petrochemicals.

Customers may choose modular or field assembly configurations for their AeroDry chemical dryers. The standard modular design reduces installation cost and start-up time. These units are fully assembled and tested at the factory prior to shipping. Customers with limited access at the job site may opt for the field assembly option, where the dryer is assembled completely on site.
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