Flexible packaging

Industry solutions for the vacuum thin-film coating of flexible packaging products

Machinery and vacuum coating processes to fulfill functional and decorative purposes
In the world of packaging materials, Bühler Leybold Optics is a reference brand name for roll-to-roll vacuum coaters. Our staff between them represent hundreds of man-years of experience in the development, design, installation and servicing of packaging web coating plants. The synergy with the capacitor web coating segment and its extreme performance requirements contributes further to our technological edge over the competition in this field.

The challenges in the cost-sensitive packaging material industry are clear: highest productivity with shortest downtimes, lowest cost per coated area through high web speed and minimal waste - and no compromises on final end product quality and performance.

The Bühler Leybold Optics applications portfolio
The LEYBOLD OPTICS PAK series is the answer to meet these demands: it is a robust and powerful metallization plant for tough, mass production environments. Standard applications are metal coatings on paper and plastic foil. Typically generated by aluminum evaporation, these layers act as barriers to oxygen and water vapor in addition to their decorative function; the result being a high-performance packaging material.

The latest series highlight is the LEYBOLD OPTICS PAK T machine. T stands for transparent barrier. A unique plasma-assisted thermal evaporation process allows the deposition of transparent aluminum oxide (AlOx) coatings. This enables food packaging companies to provide a product with barrier properties to keep food fresh and to provide visual transparency so that consumers can see the product inside the packaging for themselves.