Pet Food

Petfood in premium quality.

High-quality petfood is healthy and flavoursome and should be attractive to more than just the human eye. This standard of production can only be achieved through high-performance technology: Bühler's extrusion processes are exceedingly efficient, economical and gentle to the product. Petfood requires optimal conditions in the production process: the most important criterion is extremely gentle processing of the raw materials: a criterion we strictly observe in all our solutions.

Bühler's innovative machines and systems produce petfoods in high precision: Size, shape and moisture content of the product are in exact compliance with the customer's individual formulation specifications. Following the drying process, colorings and flavorings as well as powdered components of every variety can be added as required.

Bühler extrusion processes are strictly results-oriented. Our customers benefit through the highest standards of petfood quality and a significant reduction in production costs.


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