A success throughout

01/14/2009 The new Portalino Combi in operation in China Bay, the port of Trincomalee in Sri Lanka, has an impressive size. But the “Big Baby,” as the locals call it, is also distinguished by its high performance in unloading and loading ships. The Prima Flour Mill in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka, boasts a capacity of 3600 metric tons a day and is thus one of Asia’s largest flour mills. Prima has its own pier installations, which were equipped with two Bühler pneumatic unloaders (250 t/h each) as far back as in the eighties. However, what was lack-ing up to now was the possibility of loading vessels with bran pellets, a byproduct from the flour milling process. Since a few months ago, the specially enlarged Prima Flour Mill pier has been equipped with a novel combined loader-unloader from Bühler. In designing it, special attention was paid to standardi-zation. It offers the customer added value in terms of operating reliability as well as maintenance. Re-duced energy consumption and low-dust loading are additional crucial features.

The new Portalino Combi is a further development of the existing Combi units offered by Bühler up to now. The loading capacity is 250 t/h for bran pellets and 300 t/h for wheat, and the unloading capacity 300 t/h for grain.
The new Portalino Combi in the port of Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. The new Portalino Combi in the port of Trincomalee, Sri Lanka.


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