Revolutionary new procedure for manufacturing varnish for printing inks

04/14/2009 Bühler introduced a new technology for manufacturing varnish for printing inks at the European Coatings Show 2009 – the continuous production in a twin-screw reactor. The overall system consists of three main components: the dosing units, which supply the processing unit with raw materials; the extruder, which forms the central part of the system; and the storage tanks into which the final product is pumped. The process is energy-optimised and is regulated based on capacity. Precise dosing technology enables exact quantities of raw materials to be added in the form of liquids, powders or chips. The extruder, located centrally between the dosing units and the product tanks, is the main part of the system. The rotational speed of the screws and the shear forces applied to the product determine the production performance of the system. The length of the process chamber is influenced by the combination and characteristics of the raw materials.

Systems to meet individual criteria
Systems are planned and developed individually, and are tailor-made to meet customers’ special needs. Suitable system layouts are designed based on jointly compiled requirements. Engineering experts define the necessary machine dimensions and produce an optimal automation and process concept. A pilot extrusion system in Uzwil, Switzerland provides the necessary infrastructure for realistic testing and simulations. This is not laboratory equipment, but a scaled-down version of the industrial system itself. In order to achieve representative results, trials are carried out with the actual raw materials to be used in the system. Seminars, workshops and hands-on training sessions are available, enabling well-trained customer staff to get the most out of their system and keep operations running smoothly.


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