New tower malting plant for Yongshuntai Malting Group (China)

06/17/2006 Yongshuntai Malting Group (GDH-Supertime Development Ltd. / Hong Kong) has chosen Bühler as general contractor for the supply of their new tower malting plant of its affiliated company Guangzhou Malting Co., Ltd. (Guangdong Province).The nominal annual capacity will be 100.000 t of high quality malt and pushes the company into the top five of the world malt production. Yongshuntai Malting is the leader of the malting market in China and supplies malt to all large brewing groups in China. The new malt house enables Yongshuntai Malting to supply malt on a very high quality level at low running costs such as reduced water consumption. It will have one flat bottom steep, three germination units and two kilns. The nominal batch size will be 550 t original barley, which will be one of the largest batch sizes worldwide.

This malting project introduced a number of new technologies to the Chinese malting market such as the new Bühler ECO-Steep and rotating floor technology. ECO-Steep stands for the innovative development of the standard flat bottom steep with high sanitation, reduced water consumption and homogenous treatment of steeped barley.

The incorporation of rotating floor technology sets new standards at the Chinese malting market. Rotating floors for the germination and the kilning units with a diameter of 33.5 m allow Yongshuntai Malting Group to take advantage of the benefits associated with larger batch sizes.

The deciding factors persuading Guangzhou Malting to go for Bühler technology were as follows:

  • Large experience of Bühler in malting plants
  • Innovative progress with the new ECO-Steep and rotating floors technology
  • Malting technology and experience from Germany combined with local supply
  • Considerable local presence of the Bühler organisation in China with significant own manufacturing facilities
  • Low investment costs for civil works due to optimized design of machinery equipment and the building
3D-view of the new tower malting at Guangzhou Malting, Guangdong. 3D-view of the new tower malting at Guangzhou Malting, Guangdong.


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