Simple solution to a complex problem

01/17/2007 Die casting is a complex process. One of its sub-processes is the control of the die temperature, which has been hard to monitor and control up to now. Bühler Druckguss AG has now found a simple solution to this challenge. If the temperature of a die is not properly controlled, this may give rise to a number of problems. The die will become too hot or too cold at certain spots. This may cause departures from the quality targets for the die-cast components or to trouble in the production process. The Bühler die casting specialists have now developed an overall system called Buhltemp that allows optimal die temperature control to be achieved.

The main features of this overall system are:

Completely integrated monitoring (temperature and flow rate) of the temperature control circuits. Integration in the control system of the die casting cell enables convenient monitoring of the process parameters. Malfunctions and departures from target values can be immediately detected and not only when production or quality problems occur.  
All temperature control circuits in the die are connected to one or more temperature control units. This is made possible by the application of distribution blocks. In a distribution block, the main stream of fluid in a temperature control unit is distributed among three to six temperature control circuits. The integrated monitoring system allows correct setting of the individual temperature control circuits.  
Rather than applying the classical system of oil-based temperature control units and water cooling circuits, only water-based temperature control units are now used. The main advantages of this approach are: clean, low cost, efficient temperature control medium, no disposal problems.  
The coupling plate integrated in the distribution block and the clear labelling of the temperature control circuits prevent incorrect connection of the temperature control hoses.

The cost of this new system is roughly equivalent to that of classical die temperature control devices. But it is lower than the occasionally expensive special solutions that had to be developed for die casting cells designed for the manufacture of high-grade die-cast components.
View into a die casting cell with a thermal imaging camera. <br />
<br /> View into a die casting cell with a thermal imaging camera.


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