Bühler Sortex thrilled to be part of Axion Event

08/02/2007 SORTEX Z+ Colour Sorter a big hit with industry professionals at ground breaking event. Bühler Sortex were thrilled to attend the Axion and DEFRA exhibition and networking event last month for professionals working in the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) recycling industry. Executives and engineers from the company, which celebrates its 60th birthday this year, were delighted to have the opportunity to meet so many fellow exhibitors, industry professionals and new and existing clients.

At an event packed with information and displaying technologies for shredding, granulating, sorting and separating, there were endless opportunities to exchange news and views and discuss some of the state-of-the-art machinery and solutions of interest to all those involved in WEEE recycling. As a pioneer in plastics sorting (we developed techniques for sorting polythene for ICI 50+ years ago) Bühler Sortex were particularly pleased to share their knowledge and experience with others attending the event.

Representatives from Bühler Sortex were especially delighted at the unanimously positive reception for their new high-tech colour sorting machines with combined shape sorting technology in the form of the SORTEX Z+ range of optical sorters.

Customers such as Sorepla and Amcor, key players in the European plastics sorting industry, are already well aware of the SORTEX Z+'s capabilities, as are many companies in both the UK and Ireland. The Axion event was welcomed by Bühler Sortex as a unique chance to introduce their leading edge technology to other potential customers who operate in specialist WEEE recycling.

There was no doubting the enthusiastic response to our machines' capabilities and many expressed surprise and enthusiasm for the ability of the SORTEX Z+ to colour sort a range of materials including PVC, PET, HDPE, LDPE and PC, and its ability to remove foreign material such as rubber, metal, paper, glass, wood and many other contaminants. There was an equally positive reception for the SORTEX Z+'s ability to 'shape sort' virgin material and remove misshapen pellets or 'over longs'.

Of particular interest to many enquirers was the incredible throughput of the SORTEX Z+ with its ability to sort between 0.5 to 12 tonnes per hour, depending on the machine's configuration. Such high throughput makes for rapid payback on capital investment. One enquirer reckoned that with the four chute version producing several thousand pounds (sterling) worth of raw PVC material in just 60 minutes, it should be possible to recoup his investment before his payment had cleared the bank!

It is with some justification and pride therefore, that Bühler Sortex can confirm that the SORTEX Z+ colour sorter has been proven to produce the best yield in the market and is generally recognised as easy to operate (no special training is required) and very cost effective to maintain with ‘Z Anyware’ & ‘Total Care’ as part of the package. No wonder then, that during the event, Bühler Sortex were inundated with enquiries and requests for product demonstrations and factory tours of our new purpose built premises next to City Airport in East London.

Bühler Sortex would like to thank Axion and DEFRA for the opportunity to take part in the WEEE Polymer and Separation event. We look forward to answering any further industry enquiries and of course, for those who missed the event, we would be delighted to arrange a personal product demonstration of the SORTEX Z+. Simply contact Dr. Sarah Bee, Product Manager, Phone (direct) +44 (0)20 7055 7790,


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