Haas Group

The Haas Group, the Austrian world market leader of wafer, biscuits, and confectionery production systems, is part of the Bühler Group since January 2018. Haas, a family-owned company, was set up in Vienna more than 100 years ago as a metalworking shop. In the middle of the last century, it began manufacturing wafer machinery. Over the following decades, Haas evolved into a global leader in the field of production systems for wafers, hard and soft biscuits, ice cream cones, cakes, and baked goods. These activities were complemented with a minor business field as a supplier of automotive parts. With its global workforce of 1750, Haas generates sales revenues of about EUR 300 million and operates its own manufacturing sites in 6 countries.

Haas became part of the Bühler Group in January 2018. Bühler is making its global network of some 100 service stations accessible to the customers of Haas, is integrating Haas in the Bühler innovation management organization and network, and in the medium term develops complete solutions for producing wafers, cookies, and confectionary products with chocolate. The powerful presence of Bühler in Asia is another factor that enables the two combined companies to seize new opportunities in this major growth market for wafer and cookie products.
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