Vertical Pearler Osiris MTPA

Vertical Pearler Osiris MTPA – More value for your success.

- Maximum food safety.
- Greater throughput at a constant pearling degree and minimal breakage.
- Optimum energy efficiency.
- Reduced costs of operation and maintenance.

Vertical Pearler Osiris MTPA

Bühler’s new vertical pearler Osiris brings your product quality, productivity and efficiency to a new level. Its innovative design and diamond coated grinding wheels build the perfect basis for top-notch food safety and maximum yields. Osiris sets a focus on ease of operation, consistent high quality and outstanding cost effectiveness. With the vertical pearler Osiris, Bühler is setting benchmarks in every dimension. Food safety as added value.
The innovative design with ten diamond coated grinding wheels sets the food safety standards to a new level. Contamination of grains due to stone inclusions is therefore a thing of the past. A demonstrable plus in food safety increases product quality, allows higher margins, and reinforces customer trust.

Throughput as added value.
Minimal breakage, improved yields and consistently high product quality are among the highlights Osiris is able to offer. The larger grinding surface and the more powerful motors of Osiris optimize throughput – depending on the pearling degree and type of grain – to up to twelve tons an hour.

Energy efficiency as added value.
The efficient direct drive instead of a belt drive, larger rotor diameter, and diamond as a high-efficiency grinding material with improved material removal performance reduce energy consumption in comparison with conventional technologies by up to 20 percent.

Cost savings as added value.
Osiris is designed to be particularly maintenance-friendly. The access to important wear parts is simplified. The exchange of all grinding wheels is done under 2 hours. The reduced footprint and greater performance lead to fewer machines are needed. This means that cost of investment, maintenance and operation are significantly reduced.

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