PulShine® Pulse Polisher

PulShine® Pulse Polisher - for the safest pulse product with longer lasting polishing finish solution

- Hygienic and Food safe design – no contact with leather, cloth or polishing solution
- Maximise profitability
- Low cost of ownership

PulShine® Pulse Polisher

For the safest pulse product with longer lasting polishing finish and quality.

Features a Bühler patented polishing concept; grain-to-grain friction, eliminates contact with hazardous polishing material, including leather, cloth or solutions. Easy to operate and is designed to minimise product accumulation to reduce microbial contamination.

Suitable for pigeon peas and lentils and available in CE and ATEX compliant versions. The PulShine is a step-change from current processing practice, set to revolutionise the pulses polishing industry.

Hygienic and food safe design
• Patented grain-to-grain friction – no contact with non-organic hazardous material or solutions
• Bühler innovative product design – minimal product retention/accumulation for defence against microbial contamination

Maximise profitability – flexible and consistent pulse quality
• Unique patented design offers uniformed quality and longer-lasting polishing finish
• Adjustable controls for various polishing finish; matt, medium polish, glossy
• Gentle process for better retention whole pulses
• Assurance on food safety and quality

Low cost of ownership
• Minimal wear – no polishing material, cloth or solution required
• Low temperature – close to ambient
• Easy to operate - no extensive operator training required


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