Bag  Attacher MWAP

Bag Attacher MWAP - High-capacity attachment of bags.

- Reliable attachment of paper or polypropylene bags.
- Maximum throughput capacity and process reliability.
- High operating reliability.
- Suitable for woven polypropylene bags laminated either on one or on both sides.

Bag Attacher MWAP

High-capacity attachment of bags. For an efficient bagging process. This automatic bag attacher ensures fast and reliablea ttachment of open-mouth bags to the filling spout of the bag filling unit. The machine allows the use of paper bags as well as woven polypropylene bags laminated on either one or both sides. The bags are individually extracted from the bag magazine by means of suction cups, opened, and attached with high precision to the filling spout.

Higher efficiency and operating reliability thanks to reliable, automatic bag attachment.
The throughput capacity can be increased by about 25 % compared to manual bagging, thus cutting manpower costs.
Moreover, this increases the level of automation and process reliability.

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