The new, self-paced online learning service from Bühler is designed to help chocolate line operators carry out their job more effectively. It is ideal for starters, but even chocolate line operators with years of experience will learn some new tricks of the trade. Self-paced learning, anytime, anywhere
Bühler has expanded its face-to-face educational platforms with a new, self-paced online learning service designed to help chocolate line operators carry out their job more effectively. The ChocoGenius service isn’t a replacement for on-site training, it’s part of a blended-learning approach that combines web-based training with classroom instruction either at Bühler or at a customer location.

Efficient, consistent knowledge transfer
By implementing ChocoGenius, customers can be sure that their employees worldwide are receiving the exact same high-quality training and that they will work from the same knowledge base to address standard issues that may crop up during daily business.

Improved trouble-shooting
Operators can find solutions to specific problems. For example, a decision tree pops up when a problem has been identified. Then, either explanatory videos appear that address the specific issues, or in some segments a simulator function appears. In this case, the operator can then chose an action that will create a reaction in the simulator. With this trial-and-error approach the user learns to make adjustments to get to the right solution in this safe, virtual environment of ChocoGenius.

Better product quality
The point of such an uniform instruction is the systematic approach to training which results in efficient knowledge transfer, more effective troubleshooting, and ultimately improved product quality.

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