Guillotine cutter MS

Guillotine cutter MS – transversal cutting for endless product strands

- Cutting strands into individual pieces
- Specialized cutting modes
- Precise cut in shape and length
- Additional equipment for ultrasonic cutting or shape forming

Guillotine cutter MS

Transversal cutting for endless product strands. The cutting machine MS is a multifunctional transversal cutter consisting of an infeed belt, a cutting ledge and a transfer belt. The cutting frame is mounted on top of the installation. The cutter itself has a special knife, a scraper, an oiling unit and a downholder. Depending on the function, there are up to 5 axes which are controlled via servo motors. The basic version operates with a control for four axes. Three cutting modes are available:

a. Continuous mode
b. Start/stop variable mode
c. Start/stop mode

The standard cutting frequency is from 0 - 200c/min in the standard version and special designs are up to 700c/min. Ultrasonic knives, pneumatic holder, retract belt edge, forming knives or tools and many more functional options are available.

A high speed version of this machine, the high speed cutting machine HS with up to 1000 cuts per minute, is also available.

Confectionery products

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