Cooling Drum / Cooling Conveyor

Cooling Drum / Cooling Conveyor – Cooling of hot sugar masses

- Cooling of candy, caramel and chewy masses
- Continuous cooling

Cooling Drum / Cooling Conveyor

Cooling of hot candy, caramel and chewy masses. Cooling drum

The continuous cooling drum is usually integrated into a process line. The hot mass is fed into a jacketed hopper. On the cooled surface of the rotating cooling drum a mass layer is built up. The exact and even height of the layer is adjustable using a height-adjustable scraper. The surface of the cooling drum is designed as double jacket, with a circulating cooling medium inside. The cooled mass is discharged from the cooling drum by a scraper for further processing.

Cooling conveyor

Also the continuous cooling conveyor is usually integrated into a process line. The hot mass is fed onto the oiled cooling belt by heated feeding equipment. The mass slab is kneaded by subsequent equalizing rollers and ploughs, so that the mass gets the right plasticity for the further processing. This process will be repeated several times while the product is conveyed on the cooling belt, before the cooled product is discharged to be further processed in a strand roller.

The stainless steel conveyor belt is divided lengthwise into different cooling sections. The lower surface is water-cooled by spray nozzles. Each section has its own water circuit with separate temperature control of the cooling water, so that the cooling can be adjusted exactly to the requirements of the mass..

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