Candyflex™ – Continuous cooking of caramel masses

- Pre-cooking / Caramelizing
- Cooking atmospheric and under vacuum
- Constant and highest quality of masses due to precise automatic control


continuous cooking of caramel masses, from soft caramel to hard candy and from white caramel to dark caramel masses.

Continuous cooking of caramel masses The Candyflex™ is continuously fed from the weighing and mixing plant type Caramix. In the pre-cooker/caramelizer, the sugar is completely dissolved and the mass is caramelized, usually under pressure. Then, in the horizontal Rotorcooker (swept surface principle), the mass is cooked to the final dry substance in a very short time. For the production of “white caramel” the complete process can be run under vacuum conditions.

The control/operation is designed with PLC and touch screen.

  • The line capacity can be varied in a range from 50% to maximum while maintaining constant high product quality.
  • The production of a wide range of caramel recipes and products is possible by just changing the caramelizing/holding time and temperatures. An infinite range of color and flavor development - from a light creamy color with a milky flavor up to a very dark color with very distinctive caramel flavor.


  • Product quality is always constant and reliable due to precise automatic control of the continuous process.
  • The optional vacuum design of pre-dissolver/caramelizer as well as of the Rotorcooker guarantee the processing of “white caramel” masses.
  • Highest hygienic safety due to CIP design.


  • Long production runs without the necessity of intermediate cleaning.
  • Long life of the Rotorcooker (no contact to the heating surface).

Capacities: The Candyflex™ range starts with the pilot plant with 50 kg/hr and reaches up to 2,000 kg/hr.

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